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Ethics Policy

I, the owner of this website, have developed this policy to alleviate any concerns that my audience may have regarding my relationship to the subjects of my writing. At the moment, I am the only person publishing content on this blog. However, if I actually do ever get to the point where I need to hire new writers – which would be really awesome, though I’m not banking on it – they will also have to agree to abide by the rules in this policy. If I or any future contributor to this website violates any of these rules, you, the audience, will be notified as soon as the problem is realized. The most likely resolution to the problem will be an apology issued to this site’s users and an update to the relevant blog post/article/editorial piece. Multiple violations by any (theoretical) future contributor may very well lead to the termination of their relationship with SciFi Gazette.

1. If an author writes about any company or organization that employ’s the author’s spouse, romantic partner, family member, best friend, etc., he/she must disclose this information in the beginning of their piece.

2. Authors are prohibited from writing about any for-profit company or organization in which they have a financial investment. That being said, I, the founder and owner of this website, have no investments outside of this crappy blog I’ve started (*sobs quietly*). Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that happening with me.

3. If an author chooses to write about a non-profit organization that they are currently a member of, he/she must disclose his/her membership in said organization. This must be done in the opening of the piece being written. Additionally, if the author has made donations to the non-profit organization being written about, he/she must disclose that information as well.

4. At the time this policy was drafted, no book, film or video game publisher – or any other company, for that matter – has shown any interest in sending me copies of products for review (which sucks). However, if any company actually starts caring about my opinions (HA!) or the opinions of future contributors to this site, SciFi Gazette will not agree to accept free products in exchange for positive reviews.

5. If any company ever sends free gifts – referred to by some as “swag” – to either myself or any future writer employed by SciFi Gazette, only gifts of minimal value (pens, t-shirts, magnets and other small stuff) may be kept. Any item that is valued at about fifty dollars or more must be given away (to charity, most likely).

This policy was last updated on July 13, 2015.