Image Source: DasWortgewand ( - CC0/Public Domain

Solar System Explorer HD is a fun and free way to learn more about the planets, moons and asteroids located in our solar system. It doesn’t cost anything, and it isn’t cluttered with an excessive amount of ads. Of course, there’s only so much you can learn from an app like this one, so you probably won’t keep it on your device forever. That being said, it’s definitely an app you ought to try out.

The app has quite a few features to keep you entertained, but my favorite is the “free flight” mode. Click on that option and your screen is transformed into the helm of a spaceship. You can fly through the rings of Saturn, track the path Voyager took to the edge of our solar system, or just cruise around and take in the sights. The quiet roar of the engines and thrusters makes it that much more fun, and the background music really helps to set the mood. The graphics are quite nice as well.

As I mentioned previously, the app is free, so there’s no harm in giving it a test drive. Android users can pick it up on Google Play. There’s also a paid version that contains no ads, features some additional goodies, and costs just two dollars. And if you enjoy this app, creator Neil Burlock has a couple others you might want to check out as well, like his Exoplanet Explorer and Galaxy Explorer apps.