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Privacy Policy

SicFi Gazette may collect both personal and non-personal information about you when you interact with our site. The primary purposes for the collection of such information are to improve the site for our audience and keep it running safely and efficiently. However, we absolutely do not sell any information we collect about individual visitors to any third party, including any information you voluntarily give us. For instance, if you choose to contact us via email, we will not sell your name or email address to any third-party.

Information we gather about our visitors is typically collected via the use of cookies. Furthermore, SciFi Gazette utilizes various third-party programs and services that may also use cookies, including, but not limited to, analytical services that monitor website traffic and the Disqus commenting system currently enabled on our site. SciFi Gazette is not responsible for how third-party services and programs use their cookies, nor do we have any control over the collection and storage of information gathered by said cookies. It should be noted that, at this time, we do not sell advertising space on our website, nor do we use any advertising services or programs, such as Google Adsense. If and when that changes, we will update this policy immediately.

If you’re not comfortable with websites that use cookies, you can disable them in your browser’s settings. Most browsers allow you to disable either third-party cookies exclusively or all cookies entirely, depending on your personal preference.

This website contains links to other websites. While we certainly wouldn’t post a link to a website that we don’t believe is safe, you should be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of those sites. Please keep that in mind if and when you click on any links displayed on our website.

This policy was last updated on July 13, 2015.