Image courtesy of 'Saurora' director Pavel Siska.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m consistently amazed with how more and more artists are finding ways of creating professional-grade cinematic productions with the help of free, open-source software. And this week’s short film of the week, entitled Saurora, is a prime example of that.

Written, directed and produced by Pavel Siska, Saurora is a technical marvel. Utilizing tools like Blender and a non-commercial version of NUKE, Siska effortlessly cleared the low-budget hurdle and crafted an extraordinarily impressive short film that looks and feels a lot like one of my favorite James Cameron films: The Abyss.

Since this is a proof of concept, Saurora doesn’t elaborate much on its central plot, which revolves around an underwater rescue gone awry, but everything else about the film is quite remarkable. The sound and visual effects are fantastic, the editing is solid, and the voice acting and soundtrack are thoroughly impressive.

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