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Short Film of the Week: ‘Trial,’ Written and Directed by The Brothers Lynch

This week’s “short film of the week” is the phenomenal Trial, written and directed by The Brothers Lynch and produced by Ed Barratt of Hook Pictures.

The story revolves around Aaron Kirkwood, a disabled veteran permanently confined to a hospital bed — that is, until a shadowy doctor named Jennifer Bishop comes along and offers to give him back his old life, but in a brand new body. Kirkwood agrees and subsequently undergoes a “mind transfer procedure.” The procedure is a success, but soon thereafter, the new Kirkwood discovers a terrible truth that will make him question just who and what he really is.

As far as short films go, Trial is an absolute gem. The acting in this film is nothing short of superb, thanks in large part to a fantastic cast that includes Tom Cullen (The Last Days on Mars), Ana Ularu (Outbound) and Joseph Mawle (Game of Thrones). Additionally, the visual effects, cinematography and sound editing are comparable to what you’d expect to see (and hear) in a legitimate Hollywood production with a much larger budget than what Keith and David Lynch likely had to work with. And the story itself holds more than enough promise to warrant the big-screen adaptation they’re currently pursuing.

You can see more of the Lynch brothers’ work over on their official website, and be sure to check out their Vimeo page as well. The latter features a very cool behind-the-scenes look at the amazing first-person mirror shot that takes place right after the new Aaron Kirkwood comes to life in the film.