'Blade of Honor' (Image used with permission from 'Blade of Honor' project team)

So here’s a project that all you Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek fans ought to keep an eye on. Blade of Honor, an upcoming online series starring a number of well-known veteran sci-fi actors, boasts an all-star production team with years of experience in television, internet and cinematic media.

The cast includes Battlestar Galactica alum Richard Hatch, Star Trek: Voyager alum Tim Russ and Heroes star James Kyson. They’ll be joined by former G4 correspondent and current Nerdist podcaster Alison Haislip, Star Trek: New Voyages star Brandon Stacy, and reality television star and professional model Jasmine WaltzStar Trek: Deep Space Nine actors Aron Eisenberg and Cirroc Lofton, who played Nog and Jake Sisko, respectively, will also appear in the show. Rounding out the cast are Rivkah Wood (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier), Jodie Bentley (One Life to Live) and Ryan T. Husk (Falling Tower Comedy). Husk is also credited as an executive producer of the series.

As per the project’s Kickstarter page

Blade of Honor takes place in the year 2187 where the human Alliance is losing the war against the animal race, the Calinar. It is the story of Arina Kartades, who is a religious, headstrong, crack Alliance Navy Star Blade pilot. When she discovers that her State mandated religious upbringing was a lie, she embarks on a forced quest to discover the true reasons behind the war with the Calinar, but when her discoveries place her in harm’s way against her religious beliefs, her military vows, her murderous rage episodes and her fiancée Terry Lindon who is her CAG aboard the Alliance Carrier Hermes, she fights a cloak and dagger war of secret rebellion in order to expose the galactic elite, route the heresy of the peoples’ religious masters and protect the ones she loves from the clutches of her own superiors and the combined military might of the Alliance and Calinar.

The show’s visual effects will be handled by Pony Horton, Tommy Kraft and Tobias Richter’s Light Works Digital Imagery studio. Richter is probably the most recognizable member of the team; he has done outstanding work on several other crowdfunded sci-fi projects, including Star Trek: Renegades and Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar. Kraft also worked on Prelude to Axanar, but his Trek fan film, entitled Star Trek: Horizon, is easily his most impressive production to date. Horton’s past work includes Star Trek: New Voyages, Masque of the Red Death and Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II.

The project team intends to incorporate important elements of classic sci-fi franchises like Trek and Galactica into the show — and I think I detect just a hint of Space: Above and Beyond mixed in there as well — so you can expect to receive a good dose of nostalgia when it releases online.

The series’ producers intend to use the first episode(s) to show off their vision to Hollywood execs in the hopes of eventually bringing Blade of Honor to the small screen.

While they’ve already hit their $30,000 goal on Kickstarter, they’ve since added a stretch goal of $58,000. If you’d like to see this series be the best that it can be, you’ve still got a little over two weeks to consider making a donation. And for all the latest news and updates, be sure to follow the Blade of Honor Twitter account as well.